Okay. That was a disappointment. 6 projects, 5 of which I wanted to pass, failed. One project succeeded, which I supported. Not saying that I am not happy for the one, but it still is sad. For one, they again did not give reasons why the other six failed. If LoZ: Iron Knuckle Encounter failed because of liscense problems, it would be good for them to tell us (same as with all of the others). If one failed because it was too flimsy and would break if you dropped it, I would be happy to comment with a list of other LEGO sets that break if you touch them. But with nothing to work off of, it just makes me feel like they just chose one randomly. Also, only one project has ever passed in a single review season. They said any number would be produced if they met the requirements, but no failed requirements are given, and only one passes.

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