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The Salesman Troll (as many users refer to it as) is a user on LEGO CUUSOO who posts advertisements for places such as "" or "" Some users believe that it may be a "spambot" or a spamming robot, as it has made many accounts, with gibberish names, in order to advertise. Also, it usually only advertises in the comment sections of the projects linked to on the front page of LEGO CUUSOO, though sometimes it will also advertise to projects linked to the top ten. Even though Space Troopers! isn't on the main page, the troll still continued to post there until the comment sections of achieved projects were closed down.

When making the comments, they first say "Hi buddy :" Next "Updated daily shoes :" is normally stated. They then post the link for the site, and then post what products are on sale and for what price. At the end of the comment, a "picture" (usually a kitten formed with ASCII art) will be featured. Obviously, any links given by the troll are probably not trustworthy, and may even be harmful. Thus the LEGO CUUSOO wiki does not encourage going to the site linked to by the troll.


The usernames the troll utilizes are mostly random strings of letters with no known meaning. Sometimes, however, he/she/it creates more sensible names, but posts the same SPAM message.

These are some of the usernames the Troll has used:

  • iuxcjhtweyu
  • sdjoijsdf
  • weuyoisdf
  • ywuiosdf
  • femalemalls4
  • mkmalls13

Example of a Comment

Hi buddy :

Updated daily shoes : 

===   =====

Christan Audigier bikini $23

Ed Hardy Bikini $23

Smful short_t-shirt_woman $15

ed hardy short_tank_woman $16

Sandal $32

christian louboutin $80

Sunglass $15

COACH_Necklace $27

handbag $33

AF tank woman $17

puma slipper woman $30

=== =====

│\_╭╭╭╭╭_/│   sadghjkuy

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